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16 Year Old Boasts Of Crime On Facebook, Gets Caught

A 16 year old youth has been charged after admitting on social networking site Facebook that he caused damage to a public library in Portsmouth.

Portsmouth's The News wrote that the teenager had originally denied any accusations, but was forced to admit to the criminal damage when confronted with a transcript of a conversation he had on Facebook with a friend.

He told a friend when asked whether he had committed the act of vandalism, "Kind of, yeah. ‘I’ve kept it to myself, a few mates know".

A CCTV captured the footage of the accused and another unnamed teenager shoving toilet paper down men's toilets and turn the taps on.

The flooding resulted in damages estimated at £150,000 as the building had to be shut for five months. Insurance taken by Portsmouth City council covered the cost but a third of the initial costs had to be footed by the taxpayer.

The initial report did not specify how the court managed to get hold of the transcript in the first place and it is likely that the discussion between the culprit and his friend happened on the latter's wall rather than during a Facebook chat session.

It is also not known whether the teenager or his accomplice or their parents will be forced to pay for part of the damage through community service or voluntary work.