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Google Will Release Chrome OS As A Subscription Service

According to recent rumors, Google is planning to release its Chrome OS on notebooks using a monthly subscription plan. If these rumors are accurate, users will have to pay a $10-$20 monthly fee as a subscription.

According to the website SFGate (opens in new tab), Google could benefit from the subscription based plans as it would allow companies to test the software and the hardware without incurring much cost.

The rumors also suggest that Google intends to provide users who load the Chrome OS onto their notebooks with hardware updates over a set lifecycle.

According to Google, the Chrome OS is due to be released towards the mid-year, which indicates that these commercial devices will be hitting the market in June or July.

Manufacturers are expected to ship one million units or more loaded with the new OS in 2011.

This approach will make it easier for Google to gain market share because it allows people to test the new system for a short period, but it will also put up a substantial amount of financial burden on the company during the initial phases, because it will recoup its costs relatively slowly.

Windows isfar and away the dominant operating system, with Apple and various Linux distributions making up a minority of the OS market.