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£129.99 Toshiba 22KV500 B 22-inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV

The Toshiba 22KV500 B 22 inch is yet another quality product from Toshiba that comes with an exciting glass-black design and lots of amazing features.

The 22KV500 B TV features a high-end 22 inch LCD screen and a 720 pixels resolution perfectly HD ready display, as well as HD connectivity. The screen ratio is 16:9, while the response time is as low as 5ms.

The 24p playback rate of this TV ensures a judder free, high definition viewing at 24 shots per second. This is the same speed at which films are originally shot at.

The stereo speaker system offers you a high quality sound suitable for all kinds of programs, be it a movie, sport, news or music.

It is also wall mountable, meaning portability and eventually, lots of choices for you regarding where you want to keep it in.

Another exciting feature the TV can boast of is the Motion Pattern Noise Reduction - the feature which detects and eliminates noises from the film to give you a clearer and sharper picture.

Some other important features that you can expect from this product are - Child Lock capability, composite video input, low power consumption, both while running as well as on standby mode, PC input, which enables you to connect your PC or laptop to the TV with a VGA cable, Energy Star approval, Freeview Tuner and many more.

The Toshiba 22KV500 B is available on Play for an amount of £129.99 only.