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Analysis Reveals Location Tracking By Apple, Google Used In Location Based Services

Tech giants Google and Apple have found themselves yet again in the midst of a controversy, this time for allegedly keeping back doors in their Android and iPhones respectively in order to collect user data.

According to an analysis carried out by the Wall Street Journal, the iPhone as well the Android phones keep transmitting their locations regularly, thus helping Apple and Google to keep an eye regarding whereabouts of these devices and their owners.

This revelation has caused panic in various corners with people visibly seemed upset over the issue that they like call an intrusion to their privacy.

The tech heavyweights are reportedly collecting these location data in an attempt to build up a massive database, capable of providing precise information about their users’ location through their mobile phones only. This in return would offer them a helping hand in conquering the massive multi-billion dollar market of location-based services.

Google has responded to these allegations by saying that although it’s true that the company collects certain amount of user data, but not at the cost of the users’ privacy. Apple on the other hand, as it seems, has decided to refrain from making any comment on the issue what-so-ever.