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Apple Under Investigation By Korean Privacy Watchdog Group

The South Korean communications watchdog is investigating Apple iPhone’s location logging feature to evaluate whether any privacy laws are being broken.

According to Bloomberg, the Korea Communications Commission has asked Apple about the nature of the location storing feature.

The communications regulator has demanded to know how often users’ location information is stored and whether users have a say in saving or deleting the information. Apple has also been ordered to explain why the location data is saved and whether it is saved at Apple data centres.

The organisation has also promised to set-up a team of researchers to determine the best practices that can be deployed for protecting smartphone users’ information and privacy.

The investigation comes as analysts discovered that the iOS 4 operating system for the iPhone and the iPad periodically stored users’ latitudinal and longitudinal data in a secret file on the device. The location data is also shared with the Mac or Windows desktop when the device is connected.

Apple is currently being investigated by German, French and Italian regulators for a possible violation of privacy laws. Apple has as usual failed to acknowledge the issue since the news first broke out.