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Apple Users Better Educated Than Their PC Counterparts

Mac users are more educated than people who use Microsoft Windows, according to a recent poll.

The revelation came from an unscientific study done by Hunch is a website that provides recommendations on the basis of the latest trends and user opinions.

The study came in the form of 2000 questions that the website called Teach Hunch about You; 388,315 Hunch users reportedly took part in this survey.

The study revealed that while 52 percent of the participants used PCs, 25 percent were dedicated Mac users. Another 23 percent did not belong to either category.

While the number of PC users age 35 - 49 was 22 percent more than that of Mac users from the same age group, Macs were more popular among 18 - 34 year olds, with a 22 percent lead over PC users.

The study also concluded that Mac users are 13 percent more likely to have earned a four year college degree (or higher) than their PC counterparts. The poll also found that Apple users are more liberal, more urban and more likely to throw a party than PC users.

This stats found in Hunch's poll are significantly different from overall marketshare; Hunch reports that about 11 percent of computer users worldwide have an Apple, though the breakdown strangely ignores Linux entirely.