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Audi Builds New Data Center, Migrates Data To IBM Cloud Platform

Audi has partnered with IBM to build a brand new cloud environment for its SAP infrastructure with the vision of providing improved performance for SAP applications at a significantly reduced cost.

The German automobile giant is optimistic about this new cloud strategy being fully functional by July next year. The new infrastructure will be located in Ingolstadt, the company's home town.

The company has also decided to create its new 9,000 square meter data center in two basement levels of an existing building. Storing the new cloud platform in the basement levels of the building, which could reduce cooling costs by up to 50 percent, enabling Audi to reach its goal of cutting total IT energy consumption by at least two-thirds, drastically reducing CO2 emissions in the process.

Lorenz Schöberl, head of IT Infrastructure Services said in a (opens in new tab)statement (opens in new tab), “Along with a very high level of reliability and failure safety the new SAP Infrastructure solution, which we will migrate into a private cloud, substantially lowers energy consumption and proved the implementation being successful.”

"The DB2 solution’s built-in data compression capability will enable us to save time and reduce costs of storage and archiving,” he added.