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BlackBerry May Only Launch One Product At BlackBerry World

Recent rumors have suggested that the BlackBerry Bold Touch may be the only major product unveiled at this year’s RIM BlackBerry World event.

The rumors first broke on BoyGeniusReport (opens in new tab), which claims to have heard from two distinct sources that the “upcoming” launch of the anticipated Bold Touch, which may not be to product's official name, was a last minute decision by the company.

The revelation came as shock to many people because BlackBerry has at least half a dozen of products due to be released by the end of the year.

The much rumored handset, also known by the nicknames Monza and Monaco, is expected to feature a touchscreen in addition to BlackBerry's usual QWERTY keyboard.

And the touchscreen isn't just a last minute add-on; a tutorial video recently leaked (opens in new tab) on Youtube has shown that the device is also equipped with pinch-to-zoom and multi directional scrolling among other features.

If the rumors are true, it will come as major disappointment to many BlackBerry enthusiasts as they were looking forward to more than just a single launch at such a large event.

However, it is unlikely that these rumors will be officially confirmed or denied before the May 3 event kicks off.