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Google, Spotify May Partner On New Music Streaming Service

Google may be in talks with music streaming company Spotify to power its long-delayed Google Music service.

According to sources familiar with the talks, Google has already informed music labels that the company is negotiating with Spotify to be a partner in its music streaming service, though the two companies have yet to reach an agreement, cnet reports.

Google had planned to launch its Google Music service by the end of last year but was forced to delay it until March. In March, the service was further delayed as the company failed to strike a deal with record labels, which remain skeptical about letting Google put their music on the cloud.

Spotify, a popular European music streaming service, has been eying the US market for a long time. The deal seems to match both companies' strategic goals, if it does ultimately take place.

Google is in a race against time to launch a music streaming service before Apple does, with the two companies beaten to the spot by Amazon, which has already launched its own music and data locker services.

Google’s music streaming service has been technically ready for some time, with the company reportedly testing the service on its employees. The only question remains when the service will finally launch.