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IBM Targets SMEs With New Business Process Management Software

IBM has released a new version of its BPM (business process management) tool optimised for small and medium sized businesses.

Unlike other BPM software packages tailored for large enterprises, IBM's BPM Express tool, which is based on the recently launched Business Process Manager, is designed to accommodate a small and mid-sized enterprise environment.

According to an article on PC World, the new BPM tool comes with all the features and functionality offered in the standard edition Business Process Manager software but its usage is limited to four CPUs and 200 users.

The standard edition Business Process Manager is based on the WebSphere Process Server and IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition.

Ron Kline, IBM director for marketing to small and midsized businesses, said that tool could be used to automate some processes within an SME but not all of them. He also added that the software was ‘departmentally oriented’.

“You wouldn't use this software like a large enterprise would to track multiple processes across your entire business process,” he said.

Businesses can purchase the new tool from IBM or its partners at subscription fee of $120 per user; IBM is gambling that smaller businesses will be happy to trade reduced functionality for a reduced price.