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Microsoft founder Paul Allen says Google is evil

Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft, has described Google as "evil". He also had a pop at Steve Jobs, while he was at it, describing the boss of Apple who is on medical leave, as "monomaniacal"

Allen, who is out and about plugging a book he's written about himself told the Sunday Times, Google's mission statement: "Don't be evil" was a joke.

He said co-founders of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page, were all "elbows and claws".

"I chuckle when I see people pushing the boundaries all the time of what they can do to monetise things, capture things - and then say, we're not evil, as if their default is not to push the boundaries," Allen said.

"If your default is to push the boundaries, to just go for it, and then see if you get pushed back, then don't say you're not evil," he added.

In extracts of his autobiography, Idea Man, published in the U.S. last month, Allen described how he and fellow Microsoft founder Gates were best pals at school in Seattle but said Gates later shafted him when they were in business together.Gate's hiring of Steve Ballmer miffed Allen, and he claimed the pair conspired against him while he was off sick with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

The spat sparked Allen's resignation and his old chum offered to buy him out at $5 a share. Allen held on and is now worth an estimated $13 billion.