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Nintendo 3DS May Act As Wii 2 Controller

Nintendo’s 3DS hand-held gaming device could double as a controller for the next generation Wii gaming console.

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto said during a 3DS presentation in Paris that the company was working on linking the current Nintendo handheld device with the upcoming hardware, codenamed Project Cafe.

Miyamoto failed to expand on the possibilities of a connectivity feature between the two consoles but added that the handheld could be used as a controller for the console, CVG reports.

He also announced that the 3DS versions of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64 games were complete and will be launched soon.

Rumors surrounding the specs and the features of the console have been making the rounds lately, with some suggesting that the console’s controller will be a touch enabled device that would also be a tablet PC and will be used to stream media and games.

During the presentation, Miyamoto also revealed that the company is working on new 3DS game features including displaying an image to only one eye at a time. The feature will create an effect which can be used to portray ghosts. Another feature in the works will allow players to examine an object from different angles in order to discover what it is.