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Nintendo To Launch Wii 2 Console In 2012

Japanese gaming giant, Nintendo, is set to launch a successor to its Wii gaming console, which will be called the Wii 2 and is likely to be released in the first half of 2012.

Numerous news outlets report that the company's CEO, Satoru Iwata, officially confirmed that the new system will be called the Wii 2, rather than the Wii HD.

Furthermore, the fact that Nintendo hasn't included the sales estimates of the Wii successor in its earnings forecasts for the current fiscal year, which lasts until the 31st of March 2012, suggests that the Wii 2 won't go on sale until after the 1st of April next year.

Many expect Nintendo to give a sneak preview of the gaming console at the forthcoming E3 Expo in Los Angeles in June, six years after the original Wii made an appearance there and went on to sell more than 100 million units.

The Wii was a ground breaking gaming platform in that it was the first to offer motion controllers by default, something Sony and Microsoft only caught up with in 2010 with the PlayStation Move and the XBox Kinect.

Now Iwata has promised that the Wii 2 will offer "a new way of playing games within the home", adding that it had become "difficult for developers to surprise customers with the current Wii". Check our coverage of the Nintendo Wii 2 here.