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Nokia and Microsoft sign deal

Seattle based software developer Microsoft and Finnish mobile phone company Nokia has signed a definitive agreement surrounding their partnership – way ahead of schedule and just two months since their news was first made public.

The two companies announced in February they would be joining forces in order to bring a new global ecosystem to the mobile phone market, with a view to develop mobile products on an unprecedented scale.

Hundreds of personnel are already engaged on joint engineering efforts, where both sets of staff are working on a new portfolio of Nokia devices.

Nokia and Microsoft plan is to use Windows Phone 7 as the main smartphone operating system on the Finnish company’s phones, which builds upon Nokia’s foothold in the market as the once leader in the phone world. This is backed by the Seattle outfits established presence in the mobile OS world, with their latest platform and history of phone operating systems dating back to the mid-nineties.

As a result of the two teaming up, Nokia will help drive the further development of the Windows Phone 7 environment with its knowledge of hardware and handset design. This will provide a reach into different price points and markets that Microsoft aren’t currently in, such as the developing world where Nokia is already a large seller.

The Finnish phone makers has already started porting key applications and services to the Windows Phone operating system, in addition to them both jointly reaching out to third party developers for the next stage in the Nokia-Microsoft evolution.

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