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Playstation Network Outage Continues

The Sony PlayStation Network outage went into its fifth day today, with gamers all over the world and the UK failing to log-in to the platform.

The worldwide PSN outage began on Thursday, continuing over the Easter weekend. The company has blamed an outside attack responsible for the severe outage but Anonymous, the hacker group responsible for bringing down Sony websites, has denied any involvement but has claimed that a member might have acted independently.

“We will announce through our websites as soon as there are any updates. We are currently investigating to determine the cause of this outage and are working to restore and maintain the services. Since this is an overall security related issue, we will not be providing further commentary for this case,” the company spokesperson said in a statement to CVG.

A Sony executive said in a blog that the company was currently re-building its network in the wake of the attacks. The company also added that it might be a while before the network becomes online. Sony has also said that it would be strengthening the security on the PSN platform.

Meanwhile, according to TG Daily, Anonymous has claimed that Sony is trying to put the blame on an ‘outside’ attack in a bid to hide the fact that there is something wrong in its own servers.