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RCA To Oppose AT&T/T-Mobile Deal

Rural Cellular Association (RCA), the organisation that represents the rural wireless telecommunication providers all across the US, is going to oppose the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T, it has been revealed.

Apparently, RCA feels that any further merger amongst the existing service providers may end up having a negative effect on the competition itself, thus eventually affecting the end users in the process. And not only that, the association also feels that the consolidation will also limit the scope of innovations in the concerned domain.

The association also appealed to the Department of Justice as well as to the Federal Communication Commission to bring the proposed merger once again under review, and look out for any potential harmful role it could play in the long run, both on the industry and consumers.

Meanwhile, Sprint - another stakeholder in the massive telecom market in the US, is also believed to be indulging in strong lobbying activity in order to stop this merger from actually taking place.

John Taylor, a Sprint spokesman had earlier said in Washington, “This is really not a regulatory fight or debate between AT&T and Sprint. This is a fight between AT&T and everybody else”. He added, “But Sprint is going to be participating in that debate”.