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Skyfire 4.0 launches for Android

Popular mobile internet browsing software company Skyfire has just released the latest version of its web browser, in version 4.0 – with eight new features and a video converter.

Skyfire is one of the most used browsers on the Android Market place, with 3 million downloads since April 2010 where the browser was updated in November 2010 to include social media and Facebook capabilities.

The new version arrives with the ability to personalise the internet surfing tool, with eight new features in its SkyBar tool bar with a premium option too.

The normal Skyfire browser remains free to Android users, although a new purchasable video app allows for video to be optimised for a mobile phone or tablet.

Skyfire’s new SkyBar toolbar is now scrollable and customisable, to allow for a larger and more personalised number of features to be positioned on that very toolbar.

There’s new access to Twitter, Groupon, Google Reader, Share, Sports, News, Finance feeds and settings, with the standard Video, Facebook, Fireplace, Popular, Ideas and Like buttons.

Skyfire version 4.0 video optimisation app is available on a free three day trial, where an optional cost of $2.99 is on offer then afterwards for continuing the use.

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