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Sprint Hires Lobbyists To Prevent AT&T From Buying T-Mobile US

US wireless carrier Sprint has deployed an army of lobbyists to prevent AT&T from getting approval to acquire T-Mobile USA.

Sprint has made it clear that it opposes the proposed $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA by AT&T, claiming that it will have a detrimental impact on competition in the US telecom market and limit user choice, reports the Kansas City Star.

Now the company has gone a step further by hiring lobbyists to try to convince the US Department of Justice and the US Federal Trade Commission that the deal will hurt competition and consumers.

Some analysts have suggested that Sprint may have hired lobbyists to reduce the impact of the deal rather than prevent it from happening, but a Sprint spokesperson has said that the company is trying to halt the acquisition entirely.

Sprint argues that with the acquisition, AT&T, the largest wireless carrier in the US and close-second Verizon would control around 80 percent of the wireless market, seriously impacting Sprint’s chances of growing.

AT&T has its own set of lobbyists who are busy pitching the acquisition to the regulatory authorities. The company has filed its entire T-Mobile acquisition plan with the FCC, highlighting the benefits of the acquisition if it were to be approved.