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Vodafone Hit By Network Failure Over Easter

Users of Vodafone Australia found themselves at the receiving end of some technical glitches that prevented them from exchanging Easter greetings, leaving the telecom giant red-faced in the process.

According to reports, these latest technical problems resulted in abruption of both voice as well as messaging services, thus causing outrages amongst its users who found themselves helplessly caught up in the midst of this severe communication breakdown, and that too on the special day of Easter.

Vodafone later apologised for this inconvenience its users had to go through.

“From 14:30 AEST 24/04/2011 to 21:34 AEST 24/04/2011 Users may have experienced difficulties in sending SMS," read a post in the company’s customer support website. We apologise to customers for the inconvenience” the company said in a statement.

However, it did not stop the annoyed and frustrated customers from smacking at their service provider all over the web, including Facebook and Twitter. Apparently, they are still not in a mood to forget and forgive Vodafone for playing a spoilsport on the special day.