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150 Tweeters invited to last Space Shuttle launch

One hundred and fifty lucky Twitterers have been invited to the final lunch of the Space Shuttle which will take place this Friday, April 29th.

The winners were randomly selected from more than 4,00 applicants who signed up for the competition using the microblogging service in mid March.

Invites have been sent to entrants in 43 US states, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Venezuela, and the UK. They will be expected to share the experience with their 3.7 million combined Twitter followers as well as NASA's own one million.

As well as watching the last ever launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, the winners will get a tour of the press centre, see a space suit demonstration and have a chat with NASA’s Chief Scientist Waleed Abdalati; Endeavour’s Flow Director Dana Hutcherson; International Space Station Associate Program Scientist Tara Ruttley; astronaut Clay Anderson; and Principal Investigator of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-2, Sam Ting.

Twits can sign up for NASA's next big event, a preview of the next generation of space propulsion in Pasadena, here.