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£29.99 Kodak ZM1 Mini Pocket Waterproof Video camera

The Kodak ZM1 Mini comes with a very sleek design and lots of highly efficient and high-end features.

The camera is really slim and fits virtually everywhere, be it your handbag, or the pockets of your skinny jeans. It’s extremely light and weighs only 71 grams with battery.

It features 128 MB inbuilt storage capacity, meaning that there is plenty of room to store your valuable memories in, even in the absence of an external memory card. However, if that does not seem enough for you, the storage capacity is expandable up to 16 GB (Micro SD/SDHC).

The video camera offers you 3x zooming capability, but of course the addition of Optical Zooming could have proved to be an added advantage.

The LCD screen is 1.8 inches wide and gives a crystal clear picture quality. The camera also comes with inbuilt speakers and microphone.

It also features built-in software that makes editing and uploading your work on the web fairly simple. With the Kodak ZM1 in your hands, you really need not worry about any external cable for connectivity as it is equipped with a “USB arm” that you just need to pop out and connect to your PC or notebook.

The camera has been designed keeping in mind of any potential rough handling. Yes, it is extremely strong and also waterproof up to a depth of 3m.

The Kodak ZM1 Mini Video camera is available at Amazon for an amount of £29.99 only.