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AMD's Llano will kick Intel in the sandy britches

AMD has great expectations for its upcoming Llano-based 'APUs'. Its 32 nanometre graphics-packing chips take aim at Intel's Sandybritches and are likely to outperform Intel's parts in graphical wizardry, even if they lag in pure computing brute force.

While a firm launch date for the chippery is yet to be set, AMD is hoping to kick the processors into retail during June - or July at the latest.

According to Digitimes, the Taiwanese news outfit with access to motherboard makers on the evergreen island, AMD wants to ship some three million Llano processors in the third quarter of this year. This would account for some 40 per cent of the chip maker's total CPU shipments for the quarter.

The mobo makers are apparently turned on by Llano's low price compared with Intel's offerings and its reception with OEMs has made the also-running chip maker bullish in the face of competition from its monopolistic chum.

Dodgytimes reports that Asustek Computer, Gigabyte Technology and Micro-Star International all have Llano offerings lined up. They reckon AMD can grab market share on the back of the chip unless Intel resorts to some hefty price cutting on its Sandy Bridge parts in order to fend it off.