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AMD's Llano 'APU' Aiming to Steal Intel's Sandy Bridge Thunder

AMD is hoping to take a bit our of Intel's CPU share with it's 32-nonometre graphics-toting APU silicon later this year.

The company's Llano-based chips are unlikely to outpace Intel's Sandy Bridge CPUs in terms of pure number crunching grunt but will have the edge when it comes to graphics performance accoirding to thinq_

Although an official launch date has yet to be announced, AMD is widely expected to start feeding the new processors into OEM channels and retail later in the summer with June or July at latest picking up the best odds with tech pundits.

AMD is reportedly planning to ship more than three million Llano chips in the third quarter of this year, and abitiious figure which will represent close to 40 per cent of the company's total inventory for the period.

Asustek, Gigabyte and Micro Star all have Llano offerings built into their current product roadmaps according to industry insiders.