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Barnes And Noble's Nook Colour Update Nearly Turns It Into A Tablet

Barnes and Noble has launched a new update for their the Nook Color e-reader, updating the OS and supporting outside applications.

The Nook Color OS has been upgraded to the Android OS 2.2/Froyo. The e-reader now offers full e-mail support, an improved web surfing platform, more options for reading ebooks and online magazines, Flash support and the ability to use some third party apps, some being an underwhelming 125 compared to the hundreds of thousands available on Android tablets and the iPad.

Laura DiDio, the principal analyst at Information Tehcnology Intelligence Consulting said, "This is a nice update for the Nook Color," according to TechNewsWorld (opens in new tab). She added, "It's got lots of new multimedia features, all of which are centered around the device's core functionality and raison d'etre: reading.”

Analysts disagree whether the Nook Color is an e-reader with extra functionality or a tablet without many options. As Rob Enderle points out, "An e-reader uses e-paper ... The Nook is a tablet, they've just positioned it as a reader."

The difference isn't just tedium between tech enthusiasts; how consumers view the Nook Color, and which other gadgets it gets compared to, is expected to have a big effect on its future sales.