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Crytek Announces Free Modding Tools and Software Developer Kit for Crysis 2

Game developer Crytek has revealed plans to launch a suite of free modding tools for its PC-challenging shooter Crysis 2.

The city-based FPS has developed a reputation for pushing PC hardware to its limits and gaming fans will soon be able to create their own maps and modifications following the announcement on the official Crymod blog.

In an open letter to the Crysis modding community, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli admitted that user-made content had taken a bit of a back seat while the company had concentrated on getting the latest episode in the popular game franchise up and running, but that modders would be getting some love soon.

"I wanted to tell you about our plans for supporting you in the future with some really exciting news, which I want to share with you now," he writes (opens in new tab). "Modding with the most powerful game engine is coming back!

"We want to see what you guys can do with CryENGINE 3 and we hope we'll be as amazed with the things you create as we have been over the past few years. This time around, we're going to do things in a different way - offering you the right tools to achieve your vision."

An editor application for Crysis 2 will be launched in early summer which will allow users to build custom maps, items and other content.

The full Cryengine software developer kit (SDK) will follow in August 2011 and will be free of charge to registered users.

The SDK will give full access to the same engine used to develop the full-blown game including Crytek's C++ code access, content exporters, shader code, game sample code, script samples and loads of asset examples which will allow teams to build complete levels from scratch for the PC version of the game or even totally new titles built using the underlying engine.

The SDK will also come with full documentation written by the coders who worked on the recently-released game and Crytek says it will offer support to anyone who wants to distribute content they have created commercially.