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Film studio sues BitTorrent swarms

A film studio has attempted to up the ante in file-sharing litigation by launching two lawsuits against BitTorrent swarms.

The unusual move by Corbin Fisher and sees the firm suing a number of individuals within the Ohio area for sharing two separate hash files tagged to Amateur College Men Down on the Farm with illegal downloaders.

This gay porn film was created by the Corbin Fisher film studio, which launched the lawsuits and is using geolocation technology to track down the file-sharing culprits. Some 25 people are cited in the lawsuits as defendents, but there are plans to sue more people in other jurisdictions, reports Slyck.

Fans of Corbin Fisher's work complained that the price is too high for the movies, which has led to people resorting to the likes of BitTorrent. Corbin Fisher is well known for keeping a tight grip on the distribution channels of its work and has been actively suing filesharers for some time now. In a recent March lawsuit the studio sued 40,000 people.

The studio also offered a deal for filesharers to come forward and reveal their wrongdoing, paying a token amount of $1,000, significantly less than the $990,000 a previous individual was force to pay in a 2010 lawsuit. It is believed that not many people have chosen this option.

It's not clear how successful the latest lawsuits will be, giving the fact that some participants in BitTorrent swarms do not actively participate in distributing a file. It may be difficult for the studio to prove that the IP addresses it has on record were really behind the illegal filesharing, but the move may be enough to scare other potential filesharers into paying for legitimate copies or handing themselves in.

Andrew Crossley from UK Law firm ACS:Law recently found himself up to his dangly bits in legal hot water after trying to pull a similair stunt in Blighty.