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Fresh Virus Outbreak Affects Iran's Computer Systems

Iranian agencies have discovered a new hostile virus that is targeting the country’s Governmental institutions in the cyber space.

An Iranian official in charge of a cyber-defence agency had revealed the matter on Monday by saying that the virus, named as Stars is well capable of inflicting minor damages. He also said that efforts towards decoding and neutralizing the threat have already kicked off.

The Mehr News Agency from Iran reportedly quoted Gholam-Reza Jalali, a senior Revolutionary Guard as saying (opens in new tab), “Fortunately, our scientists have successfully identified the Stars virus, which has now been sent to laboratories”. He added, "No definite final conclusions have been reached".

Jalali also warned his fellow countrymen to be prepared for any potential new cyber attack as it could be far more dangerous than the ones witnessed by the country till now.

However, he did not point his fingers to anyone in particular regarding this latest attack.

If these reports are to be true, it will be the second case of such major attack on the Iranian cyber infrastructure within a year.

Earlier in July last year, another virus called Stuxnet was found targeting the country’s specific industrial infrastructures, presumably those related to Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

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