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Google Puts Security Measures On Display In New Video

Google has offered a rare glimpse into the physical and virtual security measures it deploys at its data centres to protect user data.

Google has always been secretive about its data centres in order to hide its practices from competitors and maintain its competitive edge.

The video, which was shot at its Moncks Corner, South Carolina data centre according to Channel Register, reveals that the company’s data centre is surrounded with a metal security fence and guarded by security personnel day and night. The facility is also filled with CCTV cameras, which are monitored by a dedicated team.

The entry into the data centre itself is restricted, with employees having to procure a special Google ID badge and submit to a retinal scan to gain entry. Google’s data centres house user data belonging to its search and Google Apps collaboration software.

Inside the data centre, the security of data becomes high priority. Redundant hard disks are first crushed and then shredded in order to prevent anyone from accessing them when they are disposed.

Google, which has been competing with Microsoft to offer cloud based productivity services, wants businesses and government organisations to know that it takes data security very seriously and uses great care while handling or disposing user data.