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HP Hires New Chief Marketing Officer

Hewitt Packard, the largest computer manufacturers in the world, has hired Martin Homlish as the company’s new chief marketing officer.

The move has come at a crucial time when Leo Apotheker has been working hard to improve HP's management team, Bloomberg (opens in new tab)reports.

Homlish was previously working as the marketing chief at SAP AG, where he had worked since 2000. He worked at SAP alongside Leo Apotheker, who was at SAP for 22 years and eventually became the company' CEO until he was forced out in 2009. Homlish has worked directly for Apotheker before and the two are reportedly close business associates.

Before he started working at SAP, Homlish worked at Sony for a decade and half and is believed to have played a vital role in the company’s PlayStation game console that debuted in 1995. He is going to replace Michael Mendenhall who ended his term as the marketing head for HP in January.

The company revealed the decision a day after it announced Jan Zadak as the new head of the business computing department.

Jonathan Becher, an executive vice president, will be running the marketing at SAP on an interim basis while SAP looks for someone to take over the marketing department permanently.