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Leaked iPhone Images Suggest Larger Screen

MIC Gadget (opens in new tab), a well-known Chinese tech blogger, published some photos on Monday which show what could be either the iPhone 4S or a prototype of the iPhone 5. The model appears to have a larger touchscreen display with an edge-to-edge screen, a feature which has been much speculated about for the iPhone 5.

There’s no confirmation about the authenticity of the pictures and their source is also uncertain, with some even suggesting the use of photoshop (opens in new tab) to manipulate the images. The photos reveal a white iPhone with a body similar to the present version, with a bigger screen squeezed into the same frame limits.

Looking at the front, we can notice the proximity sensor, also spotted on the white version of the iPhone 4, which will go on sale tomorrow after a frustrating delay of almost 10 months. One photo shows what seems to be a fully operational iPhone, while the other seems to represent a part of the housing, showing the front panel and the LCD component.

The present-day version of the iPhone has a 3.5 inch display with a 960x640 pixel resolution. While we shouldn’t see too many physical changes on the forthcoming version, the screen size expansion should be on Apple’s must-update list. In March, iDealsChina (opens in new tab) revealed some engineering drawings that also suggested a larger edge-to-edge display.

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