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The Meeting Experience : A Taster

Business culture, and consequently the way we interact with each other in business, has changed dramatically over the past decade. We are truly a global economy, one which has developed in the face of global economic downturn over recent years, alongside which the pace of business decision making has got faster and faster.

As the global economy continues to mature, companies increasingly have to manage project teams that are working across several sites, and in some cases based in different time zones.

It’s a tricky scenario; you have the same team-building challenges of working in one location with numerous added complications. One of the central issues that companies face when managing distributed teams is the difficulty they have in coming together.

The long distances and differing time zones make meeting face-to-face time consuming and expensive, the time differences make meeting hard and in some cases logistically impossible, and teams sited in separate countries can be culturally diverse.

Companies need to overcome this barrier as meetings are one of the biggest features of most jobs, and take up a good proportion of our working week.

The good news is that not all meetings require a face-to-face interaction, and in recent years sophisticated audio conferencing, video conferencing and online document sharing technologies have been developed for people that are constrained to meet face-to-face. It is this technology that has the power to change how we interact with each other in business.

James Campanini
James Campanini is the VP & GM for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa Region. He joined BlueJeans Network with over 22 years networking experience and is responsible for continuing the growth of BlueJeans throughout the EMEA region.