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Microsoft and ARM to speak at AMD Fusion event

AMD has announced that Microsoft and ARM will supply keynote speakers for the upcoming Fusion Developer Summit.

The speakers will talk about parallel programming, industry standards and market opportunities created by heterogenous computing.

Microsoft's Native Languages principal architect, Herb Sutter, will talk about what Microsoft is working on to increase heterogenous compute resources directly into the most popular native languages.

The VP of ARM's Media Processing Division will speak about the company's history in heterogenous computing and outline its strategy for the coming years. He will also highlight ARM's support for standards, such as OpenCL.

AMD will also gives talks, with AMD corporate fellow, Phil Rogers, talking about programming for the company's APU range, and CTO Eric Demers charting the evolution of AMD's GPUs and exploring where the company will go next.

Other speakers from companies, universities and government organisations will give talks on developer tools, enterprise computing, high-performance computing, multimedia processing, professional graphics and visual computing, programming models, security and user interfaces.

The summit will be held from June 13-16 in Bellevue, Washington.