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More About The Nintendo Wii 2 Console

Sources close to Japanese firm Nintendo have revealed more hardware details about the Wii 2, which is internally known as Project Cafe.

According to IGN, the console will cost up to $400 and will be manufactured by Foxconn Electronics from this October, which means that it might be ready for sale by Christmas 2011.

It appears likely that Nintendo is also opting to keep its custom-built triple core IBM Power PC chip architecture but will increase the clock speeds.

We also suspect that there will be a die shrink to reduce cost of production and power consumption/dissipation although the sources mention that the size of the console will actually increase to that of the original Xbox.

There is also talk of using a customised version of the AMD R700 GPU architecture rather than the AMD Fusion APU, which means that the Wii 2 graphics capabilities may outclass that of the Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3.

Other features that may be added to the console include support for 1080p as well as the ability to stream games to each controller which is rumoured to sport integrated touchscreens.

IGN's sources reckon that this may convert each of them into virtualised portable gaming consoles of their own, albeit within a restricted perimeter.

As for the name, Nintendo is apparently considering calling it Stream, possibly because it will be able to download games directly to the console and "stream" online content.