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Nintendo 3DS Sales In UK Misses Targets

Nintendo 3DS hand held game console somehow disappointed the company with sales figures below expectations since its launch late last month.

The console sold 113,000 units in UK within the 1st week of its launch itself, but the figure was remarkably lower than what Nintendo had expected. Nintendo had predicted that the device will sell 140,000 units in its first week.

Now revealing further about the sale trend, the company has stated that 3.6 million consoles were shipped in the last month since its launch in UK - the figure being 10% lower than what was anticipated, a TechRadar report revealed.

However, the company is still addressing the figures as a “smooth start”, perhaps in a desperate attempt not to shoo away the investors. It also announced that the console has so far sold more than 9.4 million units worldwide, including Japan where it was launched one month in advance, in February.

The distributors have already started cutting down the price of the 3DS keeping in mind the comparatively slow start it had. While Game and HMV brought down the price to £180, Amazon went a step ahead and offered a £175 deal for the product.

Rumours are that the console may go through even more price cuts if the sales figures do not improve in the coming days.