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Small And Medium Enterprises Underestimate Storage Costs For Virtual Environments

A new survey has revealed that a majority of medium and large enterprise organisations fail to anticipate the impact that storage has on the overall cost of implementing virtual environments.

According to a survey of 450 IT organisations across North America and Europe conducted by storage virtualisation software vendor DataCore, around 43 percent of the organisations underestimated storage costs.

Around 66 percent of the respondents revealed that they had seen a substantial increase in the storage costs of their virtual environment. Another 40 percent claimed that their storage infrastructure was slowing application performance or limiting application availability.

Nearly 20 percent of the survey’s respondents claimed that poor storage infrastructure in their virtualised environment was impacting business continuity.

VMware is the most popular desktop virtualisation software, with around 65 percent market share among respondents. Microsoft’s Hyper-V tool is preferred by only 10 percent.

“Unanticipated storage costs, availability concerns, and performance bottlenecks are the most critical factors bringing server consolidation and desktop virtualisation projects to a standstill,” said George Teixeira, president and CEO of DataCore Software, in a statement reported on OneStopClick (opens in new tab).

“IT organizations in midsize and large organizations have turned to storage virtualisation software solutions like DataCore’s SANsymphony-V to overcome these operational and financial challenges by better leveraging existing storage assets and standard practices,” he added.