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Sony Unveils Tablet PC Duo, Arriving In Autumn

Sony announced its entry into the tablet market at a press conference in Tokyo today, the S1 and S2 are expected to be launched in September this year and will feature Google Android 3.0.

The S1 has a screen of 9.4 inches while the S2 comes with an unusual design, having two smaller screens. The good news for PlayStation lovers is that both tablets will be able to perform PS functionalities with the familiar gaming control panel appearing on the touchscreen.

One interesting innovation that the S1 tablet comes with, is that it can be used as a universal remote for various appliances in the house. Sony is also targetting the e-book market with the S2’s dual screen being a perfect reader, and having the looks of an improved Nintendo 3DS.

Another appealing feature is that users will be able to access PlayStation content and the tablets will have WiFi and 3G/4G connectivity. Considering how many PlayStation fans there are in the world, the tablets could make quite a splash and boost the company’s sales.

Many say that Sony is making its entrance too late on to the market and it will be quite hard for them to catch up. Perhaps there is room for more competition though, as there were 17 million tablets sold last year, and research analysts suggest that in 2011 the sales figure could be above 50 million. Furthermore, 3 years from now, the market is expected to increase by 600%.

Sony has not yet given details about the pricing of the two tablet devices, which can be viewed here.