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Survey Reveals Intel Trusted Over Oracle For Itanium Future

IT professionals trust Intel over Oracle when it comes to the future of Itanium based enterprise servers, a new survey has revealed.

According to a poll of 450 IT professionals conducted by market research firm Gabriel Consulting Group (GCG), around 77 percent of them believe that Oracle is trying to give its Sun hardware offering an edge by killing HP's HP-UX and NonStop servers.

Meanwhile, 79 percent of the respondents claim that Oracle is actually trying to put its competitors at a disadvantage when it comes to Oracle hardware products.

The research firm said that around two out of three IT professionals predicted that Oracle will now raise the license and support costs for Itanium customers who don’t move to Oracle’s hardware.

The survey also discovered that only 29 percent of IT professionals actually believed that Intel Itanium line was coming to an end while more than half of them believed Intel when it said that it plans to support the platform for two more generations.

“Oracle is one of the most widely used and important ISVs in enterprise computing. Their database and application packages are mission-critical in many organizations, so they have a lot of power” GCG principal analyst Dan Olds, said in a statement.

“With their Itanium decision, customers see Oracle using this power as a club against a competitor. They don't view this as an isolated case, but as part of an Oracle strategy that will extend to other competitive products from folks like IBM and Dell” he added.