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US Government Plans To Create Online IDs For Citizens

The US government has rolled out plans for creating digital identities for American citizens, with the hope of establishing a reliable online ID.

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace outlined by the Obama administration at an event organised by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will see the government working with the private sector and advocacy groups for creating an Identity Ecosystem under which each individual will be assigned online IDs.

These online IDs will be used by Americans to access health care, financial and e-commerce services online by using a single ID, supposedly reducing the risk of online fraud and identity theft.

According to the document released by the government, the ecosystem will be equipped with privacy enhancing tools.

"The Identity Ecosystem will use privacy-enhancing technology and policies to inhibit the ability of service providers to link an individual's transactions, thus ensuring that no one service provider can gain a complete picture of an individual's life in cyberspace,” the document said.

The government points out that the system will benefit both the private sector and individuals. The private sector will be able to decrease the barriers for customer enrollment, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Individuals won’t be burdened by having to remember multiple usernames and passwords for their online accounts and will have access to more streamlined services.