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White iPhone Will Finally Launch Within A Week

Apple is finally getting retailers ready for the launch of the white iPhone 4 inside a week, after a prolonged delay of almost 10 months, Apple Insider (opens in new tab) reports. US based stores are being delivered promotional information regarding the introduction of the white version.

This much-awaited retail launch comes shortly after the white 16 GB model had been spotted in official retail packaging at Vodafone stores in the UK, after some photos went online.

This particular time of the year is when iPhone would-be customers usually prefer to wait for the next version, rather than to acquire a new one.

On the other hand, there are just rumours about the iPhone 5’s launch date, although the most valid one sees it coming in the first month of autumn, which gives a potential white iPhone buyer almost 5 months of usage.

Launching the iPhone 5 in September or October would seem to be a wise choice from Apple’s side, as it will not mess with the production cycle and will give the current white iPhone some breathing space.

If recent rumours about the iPhone 5 being a global device prove to be true, this would mean that Apple envisions having phones both on GSM and CDMA networks. We’re not sure if Apple delayed the white iPhone on purpose or not, but it has certainly left many Apple fans frustrated.

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