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Will T-Mobile Offer White iPhone 4 Soon?

Boy Genius Report has published a photo album (opens in new tab) where we can see 26 photos of a white iPhone prototype the N94, what seems to be an expected successor to Verizon’s N92 and AT&T’s N90. The report (opens in new tab) also mentions that the prototype comes with an A5 dual core processor.

This comes right after Apple’s management decided to offer gaming developers an enhanced version of the iPhone 4, with the same A5 dual core processor, as it seems this could be one of the most considerable improvements the iPhone 5 will have.

As if the white iPhone 4's absence for almost 10 months hasn’t caused enough frustration amongst consumers, T-Mobile’s omission of the iPhone 4 can be perceived as another mistake. BGR points out that it “wouldn’t make sense” for T-Mobile to have an iPhone 4 launch at this point, and we should take into account that there is a big possibility of a merger between T-Mobile and AT&T.

Apple may just be testing T-Mobile’s 1700 Mhz 3G radio capacity on the present iPhone version, as a part of technology improvement for the next version. The next generation of the iPhone may be launched in both colors, as Apple should acknowledge the mistake they’ve made in the production cycle, in particular with the white version.

We’re expecting white iPhone 4 to be launched this week, which could be a real test for Apple’s marketing department, as it will have a shorter selling period than the black model.

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