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Yahoo Joins Linux Foundation As Silver-Level Member

Yahoo confirmed its decision to join the Linux Foundation and to provide improved service to the Linux community.

According to Yahoo, this move is a part of its effort to maximise its investment in Linux; the company has become a silver-level member of the Linux Foundation.

As a silver member of the foundation, Yahoo will pay a fee of somewhere between $5,000 and $20,000 every year.

Yahoo will also contribute to the foundation by assisting its existing teams and initiatives who are working on improved virtualisation, legal issues surrounding Linux and the cloud computing market. Yahoo is also expected to actively participate in all the events organised by the Foundation such as the Linux Foundation End User Summit and others.

Raymie Stata, Yahoo’s chief technology officer said in a recent statement as reported on eweek, “The Linux Foundation is host to a variety of very important Linux projects as well as resources, tools and events that allow us to maximize our investment in the platform.”

He added, “Yahoo is excited to collaborate with The Linux Foundation and its peers to advance technologies that will help Linux achieve its promise.”

The primary goal of the Linux Foundation is to protect the patents used by Linux that provide an open source operating system that anyone may use for free.