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Amazon Defends Use Of Term 'App Store' With Jobs' Own Words

Amazon has responded to Apple’s lawsuit regarding the controversial use of the phrase “app store” by saying that they will continue using it despite Apple's protests.

The company also asked the court to dismiss the case and to allow Amazon to continue using the app store name for its mobile application distribution services.

"Amazon has not received a license or authorization from Apple to use the term 'app store,' and contends that no such license or authorization is required because 'app store' is a generic term," the lawsuit filed by Apple in a California district court claimed according to PC Mag.

Earlier last month, Apple dragged Amazon into the court of law by labelling it’s use of the “app store” phrase as a direct violation of the company’s exclusive right over the term.

Amazon also quoted Steve Jobs in its legal brief when he described the Apple app store as "the easiest-to-use, largest app store in the world, preloaded on every iPhone". Amazon contends that Jobs' October 2010 quote makes it clear that app store is a generic store, since he is referring to the Apple app store as one of many.

Amazon's app store only sells apps for Google's Android mobile operating system.