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Amazon Web Services Nearly Fixed, Some Data Will Not Be Recovered

Amazon Web Services announced that it has successfully fixed most of the problems affecting its East Coast EC2 service, but some customers' data will not be recovered.

According to an article on The Register (opens in new tab), the company said that around 0.07 percent of the data will not be recovered when cloud services come back online.

“We have completed our remaining recovery efforts and though we've recovered nearly all of the stuck volumes, we've determined that a small number of volumes (0.07% of the volumes in our US-East Region) will not be fully recoverable,” Amazon said in a statement.

The company’s EC2 cloud computing services had suffered a massive outage in its East Coast data centre last Thursday. The EC2 has continued to suffer from a prolonged outage, preventing web services from accessing it.

These websites, which include Reddit and Quora, have remained inaccessible by users over the weekend.

An Amazon spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal (opens in new tab) that the company will release a full post-mortem of the outage and added that it had completed the recovery process.

The company also assured reporters that it would contact customers whose data has been affected by the outage as soon as possible.