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Dell Boomi Eases Transition To The Cloud

Dell has launched an update of its Boomi software meant to simplify data transfer between public cloud services and on-premise applications.

Rick Nucci, the Chief Technology Officer of Dell Boomi said in a statement to PC World: "The type of customer buying Boomi is in some process of migrating to the cloud." He continued, "this release is tailored for larger enterprise customers."

Boomi, which Dell had acquired last year in November, created the data integration program AtomSpere Spring that functions both as a service, and also as an on-premise application.

The updated eleventh version of AtomSphere Spring now comes with an integrated Java Message Service connector and is compatible with IBM, Tibco, Progress Software and Webmethods middleware products.

“On-premise middleware was typically built before the cloud was around, so [it was] not built with cloud integration requirements on hand," said Nucci.

The release of Dell Boomi is in line with Dells long term goal to attract large clients to participate in the public cloud-computing sector by reducing the cost of the transition. The program works with more than 70 public cloud-computing platforms.

Dell acquired Boomi late last year.