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Google Forms WebM Consortium To Protect The WebM Open Source Codec

Search engine giant Google has has established a consortium of companies interested in defending the WebM open source video codec technology from patent lawsuits.

Google’s move comes after the MPEG-LA consortium announced that the VP8 video codec, which forms the core of WebM, violates some of the patents held by its members.

The company has launched the new WebM Community Cross License initiative that includes companies that agree to freely license patents based on WebM among member companies. The companies have also agreed not to launch a legal assault against each other regarding WebM patents.

The new Google initiative comes as technology giants are lobbing lawsuits at competitors as a means of stalling them.

According to Google, 16 organisations have signed-on to become members of the WebM Community Cross License, including Mozilla Foundation, Opera Software, Samsung, Cisco and LG.

"We felt comfortable in including it in our own products and services," Mike Jazayeri, Google's director of product management for WebM, said in a statement reported on CNET. WebM is an integral part of the companies YouTube video sharing platform and the Chrome web browser.

"We're hopeful the CCL will bring clarity and confidence to those considering using WebM themselves. We genuinely believe the Web is as ubiquitous today as it is because the early founders made the core technologies of the Web open and freely usable,” he added.