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iPhone 5 Successor To Have Sharp p-Si LCD?

Japanese newspaper Nikkan is reporting that Apple has picked up Sharp for their next generation LCD displays, which will be used, most probably, for the sixth version of the iPhone.

The iPhone 6, it is thought, could have a liquid crystal display using low-temperature poly-silicon technology, know-how that will allow smaller power consumption whilst featuring a much thinner and lighter screen. It is believed that Sharp has already prepared the setup for the production cycle at its Kameyama Plant No.1, used for LCD TV manufacturing.

This scientific advancement allows companies to mount the display drivers directly on the glass, allowing a thinner LCD display by shrinking the thin film transistor (TFT) area. It could be an important improvement, as it will save space and improve the lifespan of the battery. Also, it could even improve image quality on screen, making it more vivid.

Previously, it was believed that Apple will ditch Sharp in favour of Toshiba’s facilities, but neither that rumour nor this one have yet been officially confirmed by an official representative of the company.

If Apple does decide to use the “p-Si LCDs”, this would mean they will drop any plans for organinc LED displays, a technology that has been used in the Samsung Galaxy S, for instance.

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