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Late News: UK SMEs Slow In Adopting Cloud, Global Cloud Market Expected To Grow, NFC Technology Adoption

UK-based small and medium sized enterprises are adopting cloud computing services slower than their European counterparts, a survey has found. According to a Europe wide survey of 1,600 SMEs conducted by virtualisation firm VMware, around 48 percent of UK firms have deployed some form of cloud computing services, lagging behind the 60 percent of the European SMEs.

Dell has launched an update of its Boomi software meant to simplify data transfer between public cloud services and on-premise applications. Boomi, which Dell had acquired last year in November, created the data integration program AtomSpere Spring that functions both as a service, and also as an on-premise application.

The global cloud computing market is expected to grow from $40.7 billion to $240 billion by 2020, a new report has predicted. According to a report released by market research firm Forrester Research, the market for cloud computing is set to grow by leaps and bounds as companies rush to move their networks onto cloud platforms.

Amid all the buzz related to NFC (Near Field Communication) technology came the revelation that one in five Smartphones are likely to be equipped with NFC in just three years. The revelation came from a report by the research firm Jupiter Research who predicted that a minimum of 20% of the Smartphones in the market will be enabled with the NFC feature by 2014.