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Microsoft Appeals EU Anti-Trust Verdict

Microsoft's appeal of alleged unhealthy business practices will b heard by the European Union Court on May 24.

The European Union had earlier fined the tech firm 899 million euros under antitrust charges; Microsoft is currently appealing the fines to the EU General Court, which is the EU's second highest court, reports Bloomberg (opens in new tab).

In 2004, Microsoft was found guilty by the EU of overcharging for patent licenses required by rivals to link their products to the Windows OS platforms, making the company the first in fifty years to be found guilty and punished for disobeying EU orders. Additional fines in 2008 raised the penalty to 1.68 billion euros.

The court, which represents 27 nations from the continent will start hearing both party’s arguments in the case in May.

Ironically, Microsoft has recently filed a complaint against Google in the EU anti-trust court for anti-competitive practices, Fortune (opens in new tab)reports. Microsoft claims that Google, which has nearly 90 percent of the world's search traffic, is using its position as the world's most popular search engine to prevent other companies from gaining traction. Microsoft's search engine Bing has been struggling to gain market share against Google and Yahoo.