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Survey Reveals Android Most Favoured As Smartphone OS In The US

Google’s Android platform has become the most favoured Smartphone OS in the United States, beating Apple’s iOS platform, a new survey has found.

According to a consumer survey conducted during the first three months of 2011 by market research firm Nielsen, around 31 percent of US consumers who plan on purchasing a Smartphone will go for Google’s Android platform while around 30 percent cited iOS as their preference.

Meanwhile, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry platform was desired only by 11 percent of the respondents while around 20 percent were unsure which Smartphone to buy next.

Nielsen had conducted a similar survey between July 2010 and September 2010, in which 33 percent had said they wanted an iPhone while 26 percent had said they will go for Android. Around 13 percent had cited BlackBerry as their preferred platform.

The survey also found that half of the people who had purchased a Smartphone in the past six months had got an Android device while 25 percent went for Apple. Also, 15 percent of the buyers had bought a Blackberry while 7 percent had opted for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile or WP7.

“As of March 2011, 37 percent of mobile consumers who owned a Smartphone had a device with an Android OS. Apple’s iOS, claimed by 27 percent of consumers, is now outpacing Blackberry, which has 22 percent of the market,” Nielsen revealed.