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Survey Reveals Developer Interest For Android Fading

Developer interest in making applications for tablet devices based on Google’s Android operating system is waning, a survey has revealed.

According to a joint survey conducted by research firm IDC and Appcelerator, around 71 percent of the developers remain interested in developing for Android tablets in April compared to the 74 percent in January 2011.

The companies revealed that 63 percent of the respondents cited device fragmentation in Android as the biggest problem while 30 percent cited weak consumer reaction to Android tablet devices as the reason. Around 28 percent of the developers believe that too many Android app stores are harmful to the Android ecosystem.

“This context sheds light on how fragmentation within the Android operating system compounds an already larger problem, and it will be a critical issue for Google to address an opportunity for competitors like Microsoft, HP, Nokia and RIM to exploit,” the survey said as reported in PCWorld.

Meanwhile, developer interest in Android phones also fell by 2 percentage points to 85 percent in April 2011.

Apple continues to be high on the list of developers, with 91 percent developers continue to be ‘very interested’ in making apps for the iPhone. Around 86 percent of the developers said that they are very interested in making apps for Apple’s iPad tablet PC device, which has seen phenomenal sales figures.